Cleanup and Docker Basics

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Stop OTBR Docker

Use Ctrl+C in the terminal window running OTBR Docker to stop the process gracefully.

If you are running a simulated RCP, also use Ctrl+C to stop the processes for socat and the RCP node itself.

Restart OTBR Docker

Follow the same complete procedure in Run OTBR Docker and Test Connectivity to restart OTBR Docker.

Upon restart, even though OTBR Docker reforms a Thread network using the network credentials you already provided, it does not automatically push the SLAAC addresses needed for internet connectivity and border routing. You must reform the Thread network through the Web GUI to ensure border routing functions are enabled.

If after joining a Thread node to the network it doesn't receive an on-mesh IPv6 address, factory reset it with the factoryreset CLI command and reconfigure it as detailed in Join the second node to the Thread network.

Docker maintenance

If you are having problems with OTBR Docker, you might have multiple containers running. Before running OTBR Docker, we recommend cleaning up any extraneous Docker containers, both running and stopped.

Note that there is a difference between Docker images and containers. Images are the source, while containers are instances of the source image. You can have multiple container instances running from the same source Docker image.

To view all stopped and running Docker containers on your machine:

docker ps -a
d09847ad66bf 43e7a898e524 "/app/bord.." 26 hours ago Exited          john.smith

To stop and remove a specific Docker container, use the Container ID from the previous command:

docker stop d09847ad66bf
docker rm d09847ad66bf

To stop and remove all Docker containers at once:

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

To view all Docker images:

docker images
REPOSITORY           TAG          IMAGE ID           CREATED           SIZE
openthread/otbr      latest       98416559dcbd       2 weeks ago       1.15GB

To remove a Docker image, use the Image ID from the previous command. Note that any stopped or running containers based on the image must be removed prior to removing the Docker image.

docker image rm 98416559dcbd