Border Router Certification

The OpenThread Border Router (OTBR) certification guide describes how to replicate the Device Under Test (DUT) that the OpenThread team used to certify OTBR.

Thread Certified

OpenThread Border Router (OTBR) has been certified as a Thread Certified Component on the Raspberry Pi 3B with a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 NCP.

OTBR was certified using the following releases and commits:

Repository Release / Commit
OpenThread thread-reference-20180926
wpantund commit 8c189c6
OpenThread Border Router thread-br-certified-20180819
OTBR Thread Certificate OTBR Thread Certification Release

Before continuing, verify that you have met the following requirements.

Thread Group membership

To download and use the GRL Thread Test Harness software, or to submit a component or product for certification, you must have Contributor or Sponsor Membership in the Thread Group.


  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 DK
  • One of the following Raspberry Pi models:
    • Pi 3 Model B+
    • Pi 3 Model B V1.2
  • A 4GB or larger SD card
  • The same accessory hardware described in the Raspberry Pi 3B Border Router platform page:
    • SD card reader, HDMI cable, monitor, keyboard
  • An FT232 USB to UART adapter
  • Dupont lines for the serial port connection
  • A Windows machine to run the Test Harness software